Coworking Spaces in London

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular in London, providing businesses and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to collaborate and work in shared workspaces. These co-working spaces provide an environment that fosters productivity and creativity, allowing for better collaboration between individuals and businesses. London is home to some of the most innovative coworking spaces in the world. So here you can find the 7 best coworking services in London.

Top 7 Coworking Spaces In London

Huckletree Shoreditch


Huckletree is made up of 3,000 members, 300 companies, 45 passionate people working hard behind-the-scenes, 22 dogs, seven spaces, two co-founders and a mission to be braver together. We believe you can’t change the world alone, which is why we’re on a mission to build the most impactful and trusted workspace business in the world, and create positive impact every day for our members, our community and our environment.

Today we operate 6 themed workspaces that house and power the innovation sector, from startups and investors all the way through to enterprise teams. Inside Huckletree you’ll find inspiring and trusted spaces where teams can work, gather together, connect with the best minds in the innovation ecosystem and make brave impact.

Larry Trachtenberg
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This was a great venue for our CryptoMonday networking event. Excellent facilties and Sam, the onsite staffer, was amazingly helpful and made a huge difference to how smoothly the evening went. Most grateful.

Work.Life Camden


Designed around new ways of working, our two coworking memberships offer total flexibility to work however and wherever you want to. With the option to pay as you go or pay monthly for unlimited usage, both memberships give you access to our Camden coworking space or any of our other locations across the UK. Located in the heart of Camdentown, the site is a hub for businesses and entrepreneurs from a range of industries perfect for networking and sourcing new business.

With 11 great locations across London, Reading and Manchester, we’re sure to have the perfect office space for you and your team. With a Work. Life office space, you get much more than a private workspace to call your own. Unlimited coffee, refreshing breakfasts, wellness activities, member socials and lots of freebies make it worth going into the office. You will love it.

David Norris
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Looking for a co-working space? I would whole heartedly recommend Work.Life Camden. The space is friendly, well set out, comfortable and the team are really nice. Lorenzo and Mila are dedicated and passionate about making this a space that you enjoy coming to. I’ve worked out of other spaces over the years with teams (We-Work and Regus) and was a bit concerned about coming here by myself (needed a place for 2 months as I work from home and was in between homes awaiting completion). I couldn’t be any happier with the service and set up here and it didn’t feel like I was just a number turning up. I will actually miss the team and the vibe when I head back to full time WFH. Keep up the awesome work!



Makerversity is a pioneering community of over 300 world-leading entrepreneurs, creators and innovators. Member companies work at the intersection of design, engineering and digital practice, developing ground-breaking solutions for the world’s biggest societal challenges, including climate change, health and inequality. Makerversity supports these early stage teams with specialized prototyping facilities, affordable workspaces and a business support platform.

Makerversity’s ethos is to ensure that all creative talent is included in exciting careers. Makerversity offers two free residency programs, Makers on a Mission and Makers Under 25, enabling opportunities for those who are at the beginning of their journey or otherwise unable to participate. In addition, Makerversity members provide training for young people through innovative learning programs.

Тихон Гусев
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This space is amazing - lots of machines and tools, lots of cool people to hang out with and talk to, lots of support from the staff - you really can't ask for a better makerspace! Plus it's in the Somerset House, a vibrant artists nest!

The Trampery Old Street


The Trampery is a purpose-driven company dedicated to making business a positive force in society. We provide workplaces, venues, training and management services in pursuit of our mission. It is obvious to anyone who visits any of The Trampery locations that they are so much more than a workspace! Trampery’s social enterprise structure, ambitious projects, focus on targeted social and environmental entrepreneurs and support for those from underrepresented backgrounds is innovative and admirable.

Trampery is London’s leading provider of independent workspaces, managing a range of architecturally diverse campuses across the city. Each location offers private studios, co-working spaces, event spaces and hospitality services. The company was founded in 2009 by social entrepreneur Charles Armstrong. In that year it opened East London’s very first coworking space.

Derrick Cameron
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Spent the day here working from here today, using the open spaces as well as a meeting room, and it was a fantastic experience. Lovely calming spaces, very helpful staff, a great place to be productive and innovative. Highly recommended!!

Idea Space


Idea Space is your local, creative and friendly co-working space where you can get all the necessary tools to work on your project whilst enjoying super fast wi-fi and a nice cup of artisan coffee! Located in Battersea, within a 10-minute walk from Clapham Junction Station. Offering monthly memberships tailored to your needs, meeting rooms of different sizes, event space and ‘pay as you go’ services.

We want to redefine the way you work. We are more than just a pretty co-working space. We want to build a local community of like-minded people who want to break out of the traditional 9 to 5 work cycle and create a platform to build their dreams! Choose from pay-as-you-go or month-to-month for hot-desking, co-working or private space. All our memberships are flexible, so you can chop and change to suit your needs.

Stanley Dunthorne
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It's a nice space inside with plenty of seats, two booths for calls, a private meeting room, and laptop stands available to use. There were only about 7 or 8 people there on a Friday.The place didn't have any staff there and you use a key code to get in - the only problem with this was that for about half the people coming in, their key code didn't work. As I was sat nearest the door I ended up getting up to let people in about ten times throughout the day. It wasn't very conducive to focusing on work. The coffee machine didn't seem to be working either. It was a shame about that as it's a decent work space otherwise.

ARK coworking


We have lovingly restored an old church hall to create a vibrant coworking space for creatives, social enterprises and startups. Too many people are stuck working from impersonal coffee shops, shouty campuses or in the isolation of their bedrooms. We think there is a better way. ARK provides an affordable alternative: a social enterprise that understands that community is just as important as productivity.

A lack of affordable community means individuals either end up working alone, or move away from a local area which inhibits innovation and employment. ARK is a response to this need. Since the opening of ARK, we have been hosting technology startups, illustrators, movie producers, anti -trafficking organizations, screen writers, social enterprises, these companies have hired refugees, public sector start -ups, story film production companies, architects and even dating dating website.

Evangelos Rossetos
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An amazing, friendly and inspiring workplace with a -feel like home- atmosphere. 101% recommended, Nick & Gavin are 2 great hosts and the overall vibe was fantastic. I have definitely found my workplace when i am around KX! Just to mention the Neighbourhood is also fantastic with the whole Europe one breath away (3 min walk from the National and International rail station)



Creating a place for colleagues, companies and entrepreneurs to develop with our support and competence. Join your nearest to plan, start and develop your business today. We are open to anyone looking for a wonderful place to work. You’ll become part of our network, gain some great coworkers and access to a wide range of business perks, expertise, mentorship, investors and leaders across the startup ecosystem.

Memberships in our sites are interchangeable, so you can use whichever location suits you best.A professional and productive office to work from makes all the difference. We are open to anyone looking for a wonderful place to work. Upgrade from a spare room or kitchen table and join a group of like-minded colleagues, entrepreneurs and business owners starting and running their businesses from our beautiful space.

Tim Brandwood
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Fantastic co-working space. Bloom.Space is a very friendly and supportive environment situated conveniently close to Euston/Kings Cross and central London. The satellite office in Great Malvern is lovely too - perfect for relaxed team "away days" in the country. Jack and his team do an amazing job helping fledgling start-ups get going, find funding and achieve success. We were there for a year between 2019 and and 2020 and enjoyed every minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a coworking service?

Coworking services are an excellent way to bring together people from different backgrounds and professions who are looking to collaborate and work together in a shared workspace. This type of service is increasingly popular among entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who need a flexible workspace that suits their needs. Coworking services provide an affordable alternative to traditional office space, with amenities such as high-speed Internet, comfortable furniture, meeting rooms and other necessary resources.

What kind of services do coworking spaces offer?

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular as a way to get work done in a comfortable and productive environment. They offer a wide range of services to help people stay connected, collaborate and grow their businesses. From high-speed Internet access and private offices to shared workspaces and meeting rooms, coworking spaces provide the perfect environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and small businesses alike.

How can businesses benefit from using a coworking service in London?

Coworking services are becoming increasingly popular in London as they provide businesses with a cost-effective and flexible way of working. By using a coworking service, businesses can benefit from access to the latest technology, amenities and collaborative spaces. In addition, companies can save money on office space rental costs and have access to a variety of networking opportunities with other businesses. Coworking services also give businesses greater flexibility when it comes to scaling up or down their operations as they grow or shrink.

What are the advantages of using a coworking space versus a traditional office space?

Coworking spaces offer many advantages over traditional office spaces. They provide more flexibility, cost savings, access to resources and networking opportunities. Not only do they reduce overall costs, but they also give companies the ability to expand or downsize as needed without having to invest in a long-term lease. In addition, coworking spaces provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and freelancers to collaborate and share ideas with like-minded individuals. They can also help foster creativity and innovation by providing a space that encourages collaboration and creativity.

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